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What is Myeloma?

Myeloma, also known as Multiple Myeloma, is a type of cancer. Unlike what we commonly associate with cancer, i.e. a tumour or a lump, Myeloma exists within bone marrow. 

Bone marrow is found in your bones, and it produces blood cells, for example, white cells, red cells and platelets. 

Plasma cells are a part of your immune system, and normal plasma cells produce antibodies to defend against infection. Due to Myeloma, the DNA of a plasma cell is damaged, causing it to become malignant (cancerous). These abnormal plasma cells are known as Myeloma cells. These cancerous cells produce large amounts of antibodies (paraprotein) that have no useful function, and are not able to fight against infection. 

Myeloma is slightly more common in men than in women, and Myeloma is the second most common type of blood cancer.

Currently, there is no known cure for Myeloma, but it can be effectively treated. Myeloma is a very individual cancer, making it difficult to predict with any degree of certainty how well patients will do with treatments, and how long they are likely to live. 

What this means is that if Phorxy gets ill, she can’t see her dad until she’s better, because with a compromised immune system he might not survive even a small cold. 

This is why we’re running our second 72 hour Myeloma Uk Charity Marathon. 

Together, doing what we do and enjoy best, we can hope to change the future for those affected by Myeloma. 

Unlike last year (2012), this year we are only running one 72 hour marathon livestream. 

We have a whole host of casters who will be joining us, artwork from a variety of artists and a raffle with over fifty prizes to win! If you join us in the final hours of the stream you will have the opportunity to see the Race for Wool map specially created for the Marathon!

Our list of Casters this year (click the names to see their stream channels!):


and of course, Phorxy and Chiaroko.